Challenge Dungeon

Warning: This Article Contains Spoilers Below this Point!


Thank you for visiting. This page is a walkthrough of Challenge Dungeon in Braemer.

Room Monsters Comments
#1 Stag  
#2 Wolves  
#3 Bears  
#4 Archers Top of Stairs
#5 3 Skeletons
Kill Mage first at top to prevent glitching (hides in wall)
#6 Mimics

 Direction to Exit is North!

Ring Entrance

Spawn Entrance

#7 Slimes Tip: Kill slimes with magic and they won’t divide!
#8 Skeletons + 1 Lich Poison sludge
#9 Spiders
– Clear room of existing spiders first
– Go to top of platform ring via ladder to activate


Top Spawn

Top Spawn


Lower level Spiders

Upper Level Slimes

Poison Sludge- Go in middle when entire party ready

Poison Spawn Point

Spawn Point

#11 Cave Wrasse  
#12 Kobolds Kill mages first
#13 More Kobolds Large entry step to room. Go slowly down to prevent damage
#14 Elementals (Fire/Ice)
Exit- have to breakdown wall to get through
Wall Closed

Wall Closed

Wall Open

Wall Open

#15 Elves  
#16 More Elves  
#17 Even More Elves Direction to Exit is South!
#18 Satyrs  
#19 Lichs See “Lich Room Strategy” below
#20 Mimics Tip: Healer stand on top of barrels

Lich Room Strategy

*Before Spawn*
1. Decide who will be healers and tanks.
2. Decide if you will fight in one large group or smaller ones of 3-4.
3. Pick pillar(s) to fight behind for your group(s).
*After Spawn*
1. Group(s) go to respected pillar(s) directly behind them in one spot.
2. Since Mages/Archers will have no line of sight they will be forced
to attack close quarters.
3. Healers heal low health players by selecting player using F1-F8
or by clicking respective name on party list.
Tip: Type /stuck in case you are close to dying (1/4 bar left).
This will transport you to beginning to re-enter orb.
Tip2: Sometimes you have to switch pillars if all Liches don’t follow.


Treasure only spawns once and varies slightly. Gold auto-splits with party once taken.

Loot Total Amount

Total Amount: Show

Loot Pics