Guillotine Course Page

Course Instructions:


Guillotine (Carpentry table)

A. Maple Boards (3)
B. Maple Wood Timber (3)
C. Iron Two Handed Axe Blade (1)  
D. Coil of Rope (1)
E. Carpentry Hammer (1)

Resources to Harvest:

Cotton Plant – Produces 1 Raw Cotton. Need a total of 20 cotton plants for this project.
Maple Tree – Produces 1 Maple Wood. Need a total of 24 maple trees for this project.
Iron Vein – Produces 1 Iron Ore. Need a total of 20 iron veins for this project.

 A. Maple Board (Milling)

* Maple Wood Timber (1)
* Cubit Measure – Vendor (2 Gold)

B. Maple Wood Timber / Maple Timber (Milling)

* Maple Wood (4)
* Chemicals – Vendor (2 Gold)
* Cubit Measure – Vendor (2 Gold)
Please Note: Your recipe book indicates you are making Maple Timber.
However, it is known as Maple Wood Timber in your inventory.

C. Iron Two Handed Axe Blade (Blacksmithing)

– Iron Battle Axe Blank (1)
– Smithing Hammer – Vendor (2 Gold)
1. Iron Battle Axe Blank (Smelting)

* Chunk of Coal – Vendor (6 Gold)
* Iron Bar (5)
* Smelting Tongs – Vendor (2 Gold)
* Axe Head Mold – Vendor (2 Gold)
2. Iron Bar (Smelting)

* Chunk of Coal – Vendor (6 Gold)
* Iron Ore (4)
* Smelting Tongs – Vendor (2 Gold)
* Bar Mold – Vendor (2 Gold)

D. Coil of Rope (Textiles)

– Spool of Cotton Thread (5)
– Loom Shuttle – Vendor (2 Gold)
1. Spool of Cotton Thread (Textiles)

* Raw Cotton (4)
* Wax – Vendor (4 Gold)
* Loom Shuttle – Vendor (2 Gold)

E. Carpentry Hammer – Vendor (2 Gold)



  The Vendor is known as “Crafting Goods Merchant” in the crafting Pavillion in Owl’s Head next to Handac the Crafting Trainer.

Favorite spot to gather resources for this project:

  South of Owl’s Head is entry point to North Ravenswood. Once there, take at right at the fork in the path and go NE. There you will find a bandit infested fishing camp surrounding a little lake. Iron Veins, Cotton Plants and Maple Trees are around and there is a small cave with Iron Veins at the SE end of the pond under a water fall. Watch out for the bears.

Instructor Message:

From:  One Zero and Bayridge
1. Add One Zero or Bayridge to your Friends list
2. Whisper to one of us to help you (right click on name)
3. Look to Events page if needed also