New Player Guide

Welcome to the New Player Guide. This is for new players who wish to familiarize themselves with the game. We also have tours starting soon, please check the Events page and click on Tours.


If your brand new and need to download the game,  follow these steps in either order:

1. First buy a package to access here (Shroud of the Avatar site).
– Currently 45 dollars is lowest. Look on right of web page.
2. Download the game here:
c. Linux


Trailer on the main Shroud of the Avatar site:


SOTA Quick Reference PDF

This is a great tool to show you keyboard and chat commands for the game.
– Example – Great Screenshots can be done by:
    1. Use the command /visible in your chat.
    2. Hit F9
    3. Then hit F11 to take screenshot. (Pic will be in main SOTA folder)

Interactive Map

Go here –> SOTA Map

Downloadable Maps

Map of Novia:


Map of Hidden Vale:


 Beginning Tutorial

Courtesy of Mad Hermit:

Focused Subjects

Magical Reagents:

Combat Guide:

NOTE: Older Video, but you get the idea on how decks work and setup