SSE Program

SotA SpeakEasy Program
 (Beta Status v1.08)

What is SotA SpeakEasy?

  SotA SpeakEasy (SSE) is a program designed to provide automatic speech capabilities for ceremonies, speeches, sermons, plays/skits or any other in-game public speaking in Shroud of the Avatar. It comes with a master wedding script, but features a complete editor to make your own scripts. At this current time there are two main parts to SSE, the Player and the Editor. SSE is Windows OS compatible only, please see manual for further information.

   SSE Player provides flexible options such as setting your own color skin, having Actor placeholders that you can change each time or keep constant, and GoTo Bookmarks to name a few. It also features the “Custom Line” option where you can save unlimited favorite lines or emotes. You can use the included AutoRun feature or manual Speak button to run scripts.

  SSE Editor allows you to create scripts with no knowledge of coding needed. Quick create scripts by adding lines using ENTER key, customization of wait time between each line, Actor/Bookmarks/Custom Line editors, and share/Import player made scripts.  All scripts have the option to allow custom instructions with custom actors to be shown to the speaker (Did someone say “Lets make a skit!”).

Player Features

* Single click operation through entire public speaking script
* Automatic preview of the next spoken sentences
* On Load option to keep user defined variables (actors) or rename
* Always on Top Window
* Unattended speech capability (AutoRun) with Pause/Unpause button
* Color based progress bar telling you remaining seconds with AutoRun option
* User defined Bookmarks to jump to different lines in script
* Completion % status indicator provided
* Instruction window provided to provide guidance to speaker/actor
* Custom Line pull down option where you can set user defined emotes/lines
* Position Navigator to jump to any line by typing #
* Pick from standard skin colors or customize your own
* Script preview of what instructions/lines are coming up

Editor Features

* Quick method to add lines using ENTER key
* Method to enter actors with a click
* Edit/Insert/Delete Lines with a click
* Able to set your own default wait time
* Share scripts with others using Import/Export feature
* Ability to select small or large size of editor window
* Custom editors provided: Actors / Bookmarks / Custom Line (emotes/single lines)

3rd Party Program Policy

 The program does not interfere with the data stream in any way and does not retrieve any kind of information from the Shroud of the Avatar client. However, the program is provided “as is” and you are using it at your own risk. No implied warranty is given that the program would fit any specific purpose, and you agree not to hold the author responsible for any loss or damage resulting from its use. It’s not designed to give you any kind of advantage other than saving your valuable time and freeing you from typing sentences in Shroud of the Avatar.

License agreement

 If you wish to distribute a SotA SpeakEasy on a different web site you can provided it is done in its original unmodified form. I request you to notify us via contact form on main page the url of your download page. If you do this please make sure to regularly check this page for updates to update your site.

Contacting the Author

 Please use the contact form on bottom of main page or click contact menu within application to send suggestions, concerns, or questions.

Downloading SotA SpeakEasy

Full installation (version Beta 1.08)

Note: Certain features are unfinished. Such as emote toolbar for example.

Important Tips:

1. Always start the script (“Speak” or Auto) when your cursor is NOT in chat box.
2. Never interrupt SSE program while it is trying to use Chat box or you risk activating features in SOTA.
3. After install please read the manual.

Player Script Library

  The following script libraries are not part of the SotA SpeakEasy (SSE) install package. They are player made scripts that have been provided for you to use with program. Just download, unzip, and use the import feature in the editor. Please feel free to send scripts for review for posting such as tours, sermons, instructional teachings, plays, ect. The author/site owner has complete final decision if appears on this site.

Tester Feedback and Scripts Needed

1. Submit your preferred window option sizes (use inch by inch dimensions)
2. Need confirmation that works on Windows XP and Windows Vista
3. Submit your preferred window option sizes (use inch by inch dimensions)
4. Please submit your scripts as discussed above and it may show up on site or with stock installation.
Please let me know the uses that you are finding for the tool also. Thanks

Any donations will be soley used for the hosting of programs, and website/programs expansion for SotA community!